This course will explore how propane-fueled hydronic heating technologies such as radiant hydronic and forced-air hydronic can improve the sustainability of buildings and the health and comfort of occupants.

We will examine how these technologies work, the advantages of each type, and how building owners can overcome space-heating challenges with hydronic heating systems. Finally, the course will explore several case studies where hydronic heating systems were used to save money, maximize energy efficiency, and improve thermal comfort.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze how hydronic heating can help building owners overcome space-heating challenges such as energy efficiency and thermal comfort.
  • Examine radiant hydronic heating, including how the technology works and how it improves occupant comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Understand how forced-air hydronic technology works with both boilers and tankless water heaters, and how it can help to save money and energy while improving occupant comfort.
  • Explore case studies where hydronic heating was used to increase energy efficiency and improve occupant comfort.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of propane applications.