Over the past three decades society has had the chance to rethink discrimination, with growing social awareness of gender identity, differently abled individuals, and sensory sensitivity. This has led to a movement to make all spaces barrier-free, accessible, and inclusively designed so that they are safe, comfortable, and easy for all occupants to use.

This course will examine the history of inclusive and universal design, it’s relevance today, and how to design residential homes that are accessible for all. The course will also explore the 2021 Southern Living Showcase Home, which was the first of its kind designed to be fully inclusive and accessible.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the history of inclusive and universal design in the built environment and how these concepts expand access for all in both residential and commercial design.
  • Discover why accessible, inclusive, and universal design is more important than ever and reasons for its growth.
  • Identify how to design residential homes for all individuals, regardless of age or ability.
  • Explore a residential case study where propane appliances were used to improve universal design.

Pre-Requisite: Intermediate knowledge of universal design principles.