Fire. It’s been integral to human evolution and civilization as a tool for heating, lighting, cooking, and socialization for millennia. Today, with the advent of central heating, electric lighting, and highly sophisticated cooking appliances, fire tends to be used primarily for ambience but continues to provide an important role in gathering and socializing.

This course will explore how fire has evolved from a utilitarian element to a technological tool that can be used in both vernacular and high style architecture as a design element indoors, outdoors, and as functional art.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the element of fire and how it’s been fundamental to human civilization for millennia.
  • Explore the evolution of hearth design and how fireplaces have been an integral part of both vernacular and high-style architecture.
  • Discover how to use fire as a design element indoors, outdoors, and as art.
  • Show two case studies where fire features were incorporated into luxury residences.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of fireplace specification.