This course will explore three building sectors—hospitality, multifamily housing, and senior housing—and the flooring challenges these projects face, including heavy foot traffic, maintenance, safety, and aesthetics.

Hard surface flooring such as tile, luxury vinyl tile, laminate, and engineered wood can be specified throughout these projects to meet the demands of public spaces such as lobbies and restaurants and private areas such as bedrooms and baths. The course will also examine a case study from each sector.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine hard surface flooring options for hospitality, multifamily housing, and senior housing projects, including their performance benefits, aesthetic options, and water resistant or waterproof properties.
  • Explore the design and maintenance challenges hospitality projects face and how flooring can provide a comfortable and welcoming ambience despite the high traffic environment.
  • Identify the flooring needs in multifamily housing projects and how to specify a high-performance commercial product while maintaining a residential aesthetic.
  • Analyze the specific challenges of specifying flooring for senior housing, including safety, hygiene, and wayfinding.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of flooring applications.