Architects are called on to design to increasingly stringent standards for performance, safety, sustainability, and now occupant wellness. The stakes are even higher in a post-pandemic environment that demands even higher performance from building materials. This course will discuss 100% waterproof, sanitary solid polymer ceiling and wall panels products that can withstand the demands of high-traffic environments such as hospitals and schools. We will cover the challenges these applications face and performance measures such as impact, abrasion, and stain resistance that ceiling and wall panels must meet.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the challenges that high-traffic environments must overcome to maintain a safe, hygienic, and beautiful environment.
  • Understand the performance tests that polymer ceiling and wall products must undergo to ensure performance in high-traffic environments.
  • Explore waterproof polymer wall products that meet performance and safety standards for impact, abrasion, and stain resistance.
  • Identify hygienic polymer ceiling products that can be used in demanding, high-traffic, and aging environments that must be brought up to today‚Äôs standards.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of building material standards.