In this age of constant change, it’s important for business owners working in retail, office, and healthcare to be able to pivot their operations and space needs quickly — and sometimes often. Whether you design retail environments, workspaces, healthcare facilities, or other configurable spaces such as education and hospitality — spaces that need to be capable of adjusting to changes in location, circumstance, or even human behavior — you’ve likely too often been forced to make uncomfortable trade-offs. This course will explore the dynamic nature of business environments today and design options for prefabricated, modular, customized structures that can help your clients adapt their physical spaces quickly while remaining design forward. The course will also help you understand how prefabricated structures combat construction waste and address sustainability.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the fluid nature of business environments today and current trends in workspaces, retail experiences, and healthcare facilities that will benefit from modular design solutions.
  • Discuss the benefits of specifying prefabricated modular components when designing and installing adaptable physical spaces.
  • Identify design options available for adaptable physical spaces such as offices, retail environments, and healthcare facilities.
  • Explore a case study that used a prefabricated, modular system for a combined retail and healthcare application.