The operation of multifamily and hospitality developments has drastically transformed over the past decade, and more recently since the pandemic. Residential developments are no longer just a place to hang your hat — they have come to represent a resident’s lifestyle and community. Developers have followed suit, offering numerous community-building and wellness amenities. Like in multifamily properties, hotels and resort guests are also seeking home-like and wellness amenities with a touch of luxury.

Restaurants, hotels, and resorts have had to overcome massive hurdles since the pandemic and have come out on the other side with expanded offerings, many centered around outdoor dining, lounges, and green spaces. This course will examine some of the amenities these developments are offering and the role propane can play in attracting new residents and guests with expanded amenities.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the types of amenities that today’s multifamily developments offer to attract residents who are “renters by choice”.
  • Describe how hospitality businesses have pivoted their operations in recent years and important amenities they are offering guests.
  • Examine the role propane can play in attracting new residents and guests by increasing amenity offerings.
  • Explore several case studies where propane allowed multifamily developers and resort operators to maximize their offered amenities.

Pre-Requisite: None.