Passive fire protection systems such as fire-rated floor doors provide incredibly important life-safety measures in commercial buildings. This course will discuss construction access products, the difference between active and passive fire protection, and how fire-rated floor doors provide passive protection.

We will also explain 2021 International Building Code requirements for fire-rated floor doors and how they differ from fire-rated access doors. Finally, you will learn about a project where fire-rated floor doors were used in a large New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority project.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine how construction access products are used in commercial building applications and the importance of passive fire protection systems.
  • Learn how floor fire doors and access doors are used for fire-rated applications and the differences between products available on the market.
  • Identify the key features to look for when specifying floor doors for fire-rated applications.
  • Understand the applicable fire protection codes that apply to the use of floor access doors in fire rated applications.
  • Explore applications for fire-rated floor doors and a case study where they were used in a massive rail station project.

Pre-Requisite: General knowledge of construction access products.