This course will explore the benefits of a flexible dual-fuel home and how partnering with propane can offer lower costs, fewer emissions, and greater stability. In addition, propane should be considered as a primary energy option in areas of the country not under electrification mandates, as it offers favorable cost and emissions savings over electricity.

It should also be incorporated into all homes as a backup power option, but this is particularly important in all-electric or electric-ready homes.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine best practices for specifying energy sources in single family and multifamily housing and the factors that affect these decisions.
  • Discuss how to partner propane with electrification in dual-fuel homes for more flexible, resilient building design.
  • Discover how to use propane as a partner with renewable energy sources, as well as an innovative solution to address decarbonization and resiliency—renewable propane.
  • Explore the Livabl 2024 Virtual Concept Home, a dual-fuel home that integrates both electric and propane appliances.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of propane and other fuel options that work in tandem with electrification and electric-ready homes.