This course provides an overview of the home remodeling industry, including industry growth trends, demographic insights, and typical project types. The course also explores the potential role of propane technologies in different remodeling applications, illustrating key performance characteristics and how they can add value to remodeling projects. The course concludes by describing the options for propane storage in residential applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze industry research data impacting remodeling industry market trends and homeowner decision making.
  • Explore how propane technologies are used in outdoor living spaces to enhance occupancy experience, aesthetics, and thermal comfort.
  • Examine how propane can be used to enhance the occupancy experience in the kitchen and bathroom spaces.
  • Discuss how home technology upgrades and performance help to increase occupancy satisfaction with the remodeling project.
  • Identify opportunities where integrating a propane appliance or system can enhance the outcome of a remodeling project and the occupancy experience.

Pre-Requisite: General knowledge of the home remodeling industry and understanding of propane use in the home.