Contractor's Corner: Time-Saving Hacks For Your Business

Learn how to implement readily available tools to manage day-to-day tasks that take up your valuable time. Improve your online reputation, earn amazing reviews, and win repeat business from satisfied customers.

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Contractor's Corner: 5 Things Every Contractor Needs For Business Growth

Are you growing your home service business? What areas do you need to make an investment in time or resources to compete more effectively in your local market? Bring your business to the next level with these 5 things contractors need.

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Complete Guide to Getting Facebook Reviews

92% of business searches on social media occur on Facebook. Creating a business page is one of the best ways to maximize your business’ online presence. Social reviews satisfy the curiosity of consumers and build your business’ brand image. They also boost your business’ SEO rankings and help gain an edge over competitors. Learn more about the key areas to getting Facebook reviews.

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20 Hacks to Get More Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential part of creating an online presence for your business. For homeowners to find and choose your business, you need multiple, recent reviews on the platforms where homeowners are looking for services, such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Online reviews are the new word of mouth and show your continued commitment to excellence. Do you know how to create a process to get real reviews every month? Learn 20 ways that you can get reviews and make it part of your business process for free or low cost.

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Mobile Rent Payment Video

This short video shows the user experience for mobile rent payments and will help you understand the benefits of the experience and how it can ease and facilitate the rent payment process.

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Integral Crystalline Waterproofing

Few building materials have been used for centuries and offer the strength and versatility of concrete. Waterproofing concrete is critical for a functional, reputable and long-lasting structure.

This educational unit will identify the consequences of non-waterproofed concrete. In addition, the course will explore how traditional waterproofing methods are used to protect concrete. Finally, the course will examine integral crystalline waterproofing methods, as well as some case study applications.


Sustainability, Resiliency & Design: Polymeric Cladding

Sustainability, the ability to maintain a certain level of performance, for a determined amount of time. In this course, we will examine the 3 pillars of sustainability including the impact on the planet or environment, economic impact, and social acceptance. In addition, the course will explore the concept of resiliency and how building materials must be resilient to be sustainable.

Finally, the course will look at how cladding plays a role in these concepts by considering whether or note the material supports a minimal impact to the environment and a defense against elements - such as wind, rain, moisture, and UV rays - that could leave the structure intact with minimal maintenance.


Exploring Sustainable Architectural Terra Cotta Building Products (Print Course)

Terra cotta is an ancient building material that has stood the test of time and is still being manufactured today for traditional roof tiles and innovative rainscreen wall cladding and sunscreen systems. Terra cotta's strengths in terms of thermal insulation, ease of installation, and aesthetic quality provide new scope for architectural creativity. This course will explore how architectural terra cotta products are sustainably manufactured, their key performance benefits, and the many design opportunities and applications available to architects who choose to design with sustainable and durable terra cotta building products..


Advances in Wood Construction and Sustainability: Reimagining the Future of the Built Environment

This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation with ARCHITECT's Editor in Chief. How can advances in wood construction and sustainability reimagine the future of the built environment? In this session, ARCHITECT will explore the work of two firms using wood in sustainable ways.

Each panelist will provide a unique look into the reasons why wood was chosen and how it supports the project needs and goals. Learners will have an opportunity to explore how each project utilized wood in a unique way — through adaptive reuse, low-carbon design, and sustainability, and as an educational experience.


Clone - FPI Management Case Study

With a goal of 100% paperless payments, FPI Management adopted a new platform and mobile app for rent receivables. Learn how this is benefitting the company, the residents and transforming their business.

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