This course will identify proper and safe joint sealant application procedures that can be specified for use in various applications. In addition, the course will provide information to assist you in recognizing and understanding common causes of sealant problems. Finally, the course will provide you with information to enable you to compare and contrast different sealant types.

The course will be broken into four parts: Part 1 - Sealant Fundamentals; Part 2 - Joint Design; Part 3 - Sealant Installation; and, Part 4 - Sealant Types and Uses.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss different types of sealant technology and proper and safe joint design.
  • Illustrate proper application procedures, including safety precautions that should be taken.
  • Safely recognize and understand causes for sealant problems or failures.
  • Compare and contrast sealants and caulks, and compare and contrast different sealant types.