Webinar On-Demand: This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. In the fight against climate change, efforts intensify against the planet’s number one enemy—carbon dioxide. The building industry will play a significant role in these efforts. Embodied carbon—the global greenhouse gas emissions generated from sourcing raw material and processing, manufacturing, transporting, and installing building materials—will be the target over the next decade. This course will define embodied carbon, its impact on greenhouse gas emissions, the construction industry's impact, and the methods and tools that building designers can employ to limit embodied carbon.

Learning Objectives

  • Design and specify enclosure systems that utilize low embodied carbon materials for structure, insulation and finishes strategically to improve building performance.
  • Learn the basic concepts of what and LCA is, the areas that are included and the resulting data that feeds the creations of EPD’s.
  • Assess traditional and alternative façade and building envelope materials for their embodied carbon impact looking at the assembly and specifically the insulation.
  • To demonstrate and quantify the embodied carbon impacts of material selection, calculated using whole-building life cycle assessment (LCA)..

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of embodied carbon.