High-quality architectural stone veneer is a lower-cost, easier to install, sustainable alternative to natural stone. Though traditionally more often used in exterior applications, stone veneer is making its way into more interior applications across a wide variety of industries.

This course will review performance and aesthetic characteristics of stone veneer and how it’s used in different applications. Learners will also explore how stone veneer contributes to biophilic design principles and helps architects specify for changing residential building trends.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the performance and installation BENEFITS of architectural stone veneer.
  • Explore how architectural stone veneer can be used in BIOPHILIC DESIGN to connect occupants to nature and improve wellness.
  • Understand how architectural stone veneer provides lived-in-luxury, flexible functionality, and a nod to urban AESTHETICS in both residential and commercial design.
  • Examine the wide RANGE OF USES for architectural stone veneer, from interior to exteriors and modern to traditional design, as well as two case studies where the product was used.

Pre-requisite: Knowledge of interior and exterior wall design and materials.