This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. When the local power grid goes down a commercial building built today might incorporate backup power to be more resilient, to mitigate against financial losses, to protect life safety, to provide vital services, or some combination of these goals. This course covers this important topic, exploring the motivations for using backup power, relevant code and standard requirements, and the fuel options for backup power generators.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what it means for a commercial building to integrate backup power, and common technology options used.
  • Review the impacts of power outages, the frequency of outages, and the motivations of commercial businesses to utilize backup power.
  • Describe relevant codes and standards which address the need for, and design of, backup power systems in commercial buildings.
  • Identify the benefits and disadvantages of different fuel sources for backup power.

Pre-Requisite: None.